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Do you Snore Loudly (loud enough to be heard through closed doors or your bed-partner elbows you for snoring at night)?
Dr. Dustin C. Lively
Dr. Lively is from right here in Mangum, and he’s thrilled to have the opportunity to help his friends and neighbors improve their health and quality of life by providing effective sleep apnea therapy. He works diligently every year to learn more and more about the field of sleep dentistry so he can continue to offer his patients the very best care and service possible.

Dr. Lively started practicing dentistry in 1997, and he eventually discovered that his dental knowledge could be used to treat patients dealing with sleep apnea and snoring. As someone who naturally wants to help people, he was more than happy to undergo the advanced training to learn how to create custom-made sleep appliances. Today, he dedicates much of his time and energy to learning about and treating the condition so he can help his patients feel better and live longer.
Jimmy explains how oral appliance therapy changed his life.
Patients suffering from sleep apnea need help, and for most, they will be prescribed to use a CPAP machine every night. While effective, studies have shown that sleeping with a CPAP is so uncomfortable that about 50% of people will stop after the first year! Thankfully, for patients dealing with mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), there is a viable alternative: oral appliance therapy.

At EZ Sleep Solutions, sleep dentist Dr. Dustin Lively can help patients in Mangum dealing with sleep apnea and/or snoring using custom-made appliances that are comfortable, easy to use, and proven to dramatically improve sleep quality.
Jimmy explains how oral appliance therapy changed his life.
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As a fellow healthcare provider, I say, Kudos to Dr. Lively and his entire staff. They are professionals all the way and my experience in his office was some of the best care I have experienced. Absolutely recommend him to you and your family."
-Tim K.
"Always a pleasant experience no matter what procedure you are having done. You are never made to feel embarrassed about your dental health no matter the condition. I would recommend Dr. Lively and staff to anyone in need of top quality and professional family dental services. I will always be a returning customer."
-Billy R.
"I so recommend Dr. Lively and his staff...they are very friendly and caring. They always discuss your needs and answer questions you have along with providing top-notch services. They work to promptly schedule you as soon as possible...always smiling...they really care about you."
-Tami G.